Consultant Services for Indian Exporters and Importers

Our commitment to our client companies is paramount. With almost a decade of experience in the market, our team has an extensive background and expertise in managing the needs of our clientele. We cater to our customers’ businesses in a focused manner, calibrating our services to best suit each company specifically to maximise their user experience with our services.

By keeping a constant check on the relevant flux in the market, we track the changes introduced in the incentive schemes and provide the pertinent information to our clients. Thus, our strength as a company lies in our knowledge of export-import related incentive schemes and our unwavering commitment towards providing excellent customer service.

Whether they are manufacturers or traders, big or small companies, we strive to achieve the best results for each of our clients’ business by efficiently providing our services to address their particular requirements within the export-import process.

About Us

Incorporated in 2012, FTS India Pvt Ltd has since become a leading name in providing consultancy services to Indian export and import business. Our strong team of professional employees have extensive experience in utilizing the right kind of information and providing solutions that are geared towards the maximization of benefits for our client companies.

In the last eight years, we have assisted hundreds of companies in availing the incentives available under the Foreign Trade Policy, thereby ensuring better profitability in their business dealings.

We have a dedicated team of experts who ensure that our client companies are informed of all the potential opportunities and incentive schemes that are available to them by constantly keeping updated with the changes under the Foreign Trade Policy.


  • Our company has completed successful 8 years in the industry, building a strong reputation for reliability, experience and customer service.
  • Our extremely qualified team is well versed in the procedural knowledge, industry know-how and the intricacies of the incentive schemes made available by the DGFT, ensuring that our clients are able to optimise their benefits within the export-import field.
  • In the last decade, FTS has had the privilege of working with over a hundred companies and corporates. We have built a stable and respectable network of communication with our past and current clients, and the relevant authorities in the export-import business community.
  • Lastly, and extremely importantly, we are proud to have a team of knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed both in the technical background needed to successfully assist our client companies, and the communication skills required to provide unfailing customer service. Whether it is obtaining documents and filing the incentive applications, the availability of all kinds of transferrable duty scrips, or the follow-up with the authorities for the licenses and authorisations, our team guarantees impeccable service. At FTS, your success is our success.

Services We Offer

Our company delivers comprehensive and efficient foreign trade services led by a team with extensive knowledge and experience.

Most importantly, our team ensures that our client companies are able to avail the relevant incentive schemes, which are an important criterion for our clients to increase their profitability and improve their pricing in the international market.

Our services include:

  • Maximization of benefits and incentives under the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP)
    Our team is highly trained in preparing and filing applications for the issuance of incentives, ensuring that our clients have access to maximum benefits within the realm of international trade.
  • Application, Issuance and Redemption of duty remission/ exemption scheme authorizations
    We obtain and process the paperwork necessary for the application of the appropriate duty remission/ exemption schemes that would help in savings on import duties for our client companies.
  • Purchase of all kinds of transferrable duty credit scrips
    We purchase all kinds of transferrable duty credit scrips issued under the current and previous Foreign Trade Policies and make them available to our clients for sale, with the aim of optimising export benefits and minimizing import costs.
  • Assistance in savings of import duty
    Through the application of the correct remission/exemption schemes, coupled with the sale of all types of transferrable duty credit scrips, we guarantee maximum savings in relation to import duties to our clients.

Beginning from the processing of all the relevant paperwork and licensing applications, until the following-up with the authorities for obtaining the incentives and benefits, authorisations etc. from the DGFT, our team guarantees maximum profitability under the FTP and savings on import duty to our valuable clients.

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